cent percent

cent percent
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100 percent

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  • percent — [pər sent′] adv., adj. [< It per cento < L per centum] per hundred; in, to, or for every hundred: symbol, % [a 20 percent rate means 20 in every 100]: also per cent or Now Rare per cent. n. 1. a hundredth part 2. Informal percentage 3. [pl …   English World dictionary

  • cent — late 14c., from L. centum hundred (see HUNDRED (Cf. hundred)). M.E. meaning was one hundred, but shifted 17c. to hundredth part under influence of percent. Chosen in this sense in 1786 as name for U.S. currency unit by Continental Congress. The… …   Etymology dictionary

  • percent — 1560s, per cent, from Mod.L. per centum by the hundred (see PER (Cf. per) and HUNDRED (Cf. hundred)). Until early 20c. often treated as an abbreviation and punctuated accordingly …   Etymology dictionary

  • percent — ▪ I. percent per‧cent 1 [pəˈsent ǁ pər ] also per cent adjective, adverb 5 percent (5%)/​10 percent (10%) etc equal to 5, 10 etc parts out of every 100 parts: • a one percent (= 1% ) cut in interest rates …   Financial and business terms

  • percent — percental, adj. /peuhr sent /, n. 1. Also called per centum. one one hundredth part; 1/100. 2. percentage (defs. 1, 3). 3. Brit. stocks, bonds, etc., that bear an indicated rate of interest. adj. 4. figured or expressed on the basis of a rate or… …   Universalium

  • percent — 1 also per cent BrE adjective, adverb 1 5 percent (5%)/10 percent (10%) etc equal to 5, 10 etc parts out of a total that consists of 100 parts: Leave the waitress a 15 percent (=15%) tip. 2 a/one hundred percent completely, totally: I agree with… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • percent — per|cent1 S3 also per cent BrE [pəˈsent US pər ] adj, adv 1.) 5 percent (5%)/10 percent (10%) etc equal to five, ten etc parts out of a total of 100 parts ▪ a 10% increase in house prices ▪ a company with a forty percent stake in the project 2.)… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • percent — per•cent or per cent [[t]pərˈsɛnt[/t]] n. 1) math. one one hundredth part; 1/100 2) math. percentage 1), percentage 3) 3) brit. stocks, bonds, etc., that bear an indicated rate of interest 4) figured or expressed on the basis of a rate or… …   From formal English to slang

  • Percent — Fête qui se déroule 100 jours avant un évènement marquant la fin d un enfermement : armée, collège, internat professionnel. On peut l orthographier de beaucoup d autres manières différentes, notamment Père cent ou persan Le persan (aussi appelé… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • percent by mass — masinis procentas statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. mass percent; percent by mass vok. Gewichtsprozent, n; Masseprozent, n rus. весовой процент, m; процент по весу, m pranc. pour cent en masse, m; pour cent en poids, m …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

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